Do you want safe, clear undetectable attachments? Want more length or just fullness for fine hair? Wear it for years not months!

Your appearance is your most sacred and personal art. It’s vital to feel confident about yourself and who you are. Some parts and pieces of our physical appearance just can’t properly emulate who we feel we are inside without a little assistance. Whether you feel like you’re just supposed to have blue hair or want to add extra length and thickness, your changes make you, you. It’s our goal to help you feel more confident, more beautiful and ultimately more YOU.

Beautiful, soft tangle-free hair, Have your extensions looked after by a fully experienced, certified, registered & qualified hair extension technician, professionally trained & experienced in various methods by American and Australian hair extension companies.

Each client is treated as an individual, time is taken INCLUDING training on all After Care maintenance to ensure you achieve the look that you have been dreaming of and go home confident with your new look.. You can colour, straighten, curl & Re-use the hair over several applications.

All services are safe and Non-damaging to your natural hair.

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Russian Hair Extensions
Initial consultation                                     FREE
BYO Hair applied for you                             POA
Per double strand 19”                                $7.50
¼ head 19”                                             $210.00
1/2 head 19”                                          $380.00
3/4 head 19”                                          $550.00
Full head 19”                                          $675.00
Per double strand 25”                                $8.50
¼ head 25”                                            $245.00
1/2 head 25”                                           $445.00
3/4 head 25”                                           $650.00
Full head 25”                                          $810.00

*Above prices includes haircut & styling*

Individual Lash Extensions
Cashmere natural look (1.5 hrs)              $85.00
Cashmere Glam look (2 hrs)                    $99.00
Infills Redo up to ½ set (30min)              $50.00
Infills Redo ½-3/4 set (1hr)                     $70.00
Removal (30mins)                                      $40.00

Hair cut                                                           $30.00
Styling GHD curls or straight                         $60.00
Styling wedding/formal/up-style                  $75.00

After Care
Aromas Smooth products                             POA
Hair Extension Loop Brush                      $20.00
Fiber Lash Mascara                                   $20.00
Teeth Whitening Kit                                  $20.00

Hair Extensions Maintenance
Checkup and reattach loose strands          FREE
1/4 head Service                                        $50.00
½ head Service                            $95.00
3/4 head Service                                      $140.00
Full head Service                                     $180.00
Removal ¼ head                                       $20.00
Removal 1/2 head                                     $40.00
Removal 3/4 head                                     $60.00
Removal Full head                                     $75.00

Training Courses
Micro ring (face to face)                         $720.00
Shrinkies (face to face)                           $720.00  
Online Course                                      $399.00             

Ooh La La courses entitle you to discounts on hair extensions, salon services & client referrals.

*All prices are PLUS GST*