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  • Deeply hydrating mask that's suitable for all hair types
  • Non-greasy and weightless formula
  • Penetrates the hair cuticle for hydration deep into the cortex
  • Featuring Blue Sea Kale and Mediterranean Algae for silky, supple hair
  • Leaves a glossy, soft finish with effects lasting multiple washes
  • Provides a layer heat protection against hot tool styling

Created in collaboration with celebrity stylist and Color Wow Global Creative Director, Chris Appleton, Color Wow Money Masque is a deep hydration mask that is suitable for all hair types. Penetrating the hair cuticle, the mask is able to hydrate right into the hairs' cortex for the deepest levels of hydration. Its unique texture and weightless, non-greasy formula creates a super glossy finish, without leaving hair feeling waxy and flat. Featuring Blue Sea Kale, which binds with damaged keratin to help restore strength and elasticity, Sea Kelp and Algae Blends natural humectants attract and retain moisture, and Hydrolyzed Veg Protein Complex weightlessly smooths hair for a glossy, reflective shine. The inclusion of heat protection provides a bonus protective layer against hot tool styling. The result is expensive-looking hair with hydration benefits lasting up to 3 washes.

  1. After shampoo, squeeze any excess water from the hair and apply mask.
  2. Start with one "finger scoop" of product and apply enough to cover hair.
  3. Use fingers or a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute mask from root to ends.
  4. Leave mask on for 3-5 minutes for an in-shower treatment or 20-30 minutes for something deeper.
  5. Rinse product out thoroughly. No need to shampoo.

Amount of product required will depend on length, thickness and condition of the hair. Mask can be left on hair for as long as desired. Product will automatically stop working once hair strands have reached maximum saturation.