Are they 100% Human Remi hair extensions?

Yes. Our hair extensions are 100% Remi. This means the hair cuticle is in the same direction as it grows from the head and this has not been chemically removed. Non-Remi hair will tangle within 1-4 weeks.


How long do before they need moving up?

  • Tape – 4 weeks
  • Micro rings – 8 weeks
  • Shrinkies – 12 weeks

If left longer in the hair no matter how careful you are you will get damage!


How long do the Hair Extensions last?

  • Tape – approx 4-6 months
  • Micro rings – up to 1 year
  • Shrinkies – up to 1 year

A good Hair Extension Technician will re-tip extensions to prevent the glue tips from breaking down over time and shedding hair.


Does the hair extensions colour fade?

No. The hair extensions colour will only fade if you change the colour but our hair extensions will not fade or loose their beautiful shine.


What attachment method is the safest for my hair?

Ooh La La Hair Extensions conducted trials of more than 50 clients wearing each of the following 3 methods for a period of 1 year.

Shrinkies were the preferred method of 95% of women tested. Shrinkies are the most comfortable for long term wear and puts the least amount of stress on the natural hair during the removal process. They also require the least maintenance as they stay in between 9-12 weeks and are easy to apply and remove.

Micro rings are easy to apply and remove making them the safest option if the person applying them has had no experience or training. However micro rings have an approx. 10% slipping rate.

Tape is easy to apply and remove for the experienced technician however they only stay in for 4-6 weeks and therefore are require the most maintenance and are the most expensive in long term periods. Tape have a 30% slipping rate after the first use and are rated as the most damaging method.


What is Double Drawn Hair?

Double Drawn hair means that the extensions are all the same length and thickness from the top to the bottom. This superior hair means you use less extensions and attachments to get the look you require. Other brands of hair will mix it with shorter lengths of hair to save money this makes it hard to cover the natural hair line (the shelf is what we call the natural hairline you see when looking at the back of the head) and you get a shelf across the back


How many do I need?

  • 19”   – ½ head 100 strands
  • 19”   – Full head 200 strands
  • 25”   – ½ head 100 strands
  • 25”  – Full head 200 strands

Hair is sold in packs of 50 strands.

Shrinkies can hold 2 strands in each attachment, making less attachments.


How do I care for the Hair Extensions?

Ooh La La Hair Extensions recommends the use of the Nak Aromas  Smooth haircare range only for hair extensions. Any other products you may use you do so at your own risk. Nak Aromas Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner, styling products and Aromas oil range, including Loop Hair Extension brushes are available to purchase and must be used from day 1 after application of hair extensions. Please see After Care Information for more detail.


Should they be cut?

Yes. Only by someone experienced to do so and razoring or chipping is better than a blunt cut.


What happens if some come out?

Hair applied by Ooh La La Hair Extensions you keep them and bring them back with you to your service when they are reapplied. If however you have 5 come out, make an appointment so we can put them in FREE, check the hair and discuss why they are coming out. We do not guarantee how long the hair will last, when you leave we cannot see how you are treating the hair, its up to you to look after the hair.


I am having an operation. Should I have the extensions removed?

Anaesthetics can weaken the natural hair making it more prone to damage so it is often best to remove them before and reapply after. Be cautious if you are or start taking any medication that may weaken the hair, pregnancy and breastfeeding sometimes weakens the hair so you need to keep a close eye on how your hair is coping, if you need to have any operations or planning any procedures where metal may be a problem on the scalp e.g. CT scans or have any allergy to metals then don’t use micro rings, Shrinkies are ok as they are plastic.


How do I become a certified technician and can I purchase supplies from Oohlala?

Our courses are both online and in person. To enroll or to find out more details go to our online shop and look up courses.  Upon completion of one of our courses, you will receive a 10% discount on all future hair purchases PLUS your tool kit is included in the course.


Payment Plans

At Oohlala we offer Afterpay 4 fortnightly payment plans.  Afterpay has no fees and no interest.



The satisfaction guarantee ensures we look after you with proper advice and if you do have 1-2 extensions come out don’t panic this is normal, save them for next time you come in and we reapply them, if however you have 5 come out make an appointment so we can put them in FREE, check the hair and discuss why they are coming out. We do not guarantee how long the hair will last, when you leave we cannot see how you are treating the hair, its up to you to look after the hair.