Nook Artisan LISCIOLINA Velvet Smoothing Cream 200ml

Nook Artisan LISCIOLINA Velvet Smoothing Cream 200ml

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Flowing satin hair comes easy with the Nook Artisan LISCIOLINA Velvet Smoothing Cream 200ml. Locking-in moisture whilst adding body, definition and a layer of UV heat protectant. As a favourite leave-in product with the many stylists we know, this decadent milk-and-honey-based cream soothes your strands and satisfies the soul.

Velvet Smoothing Cream. Formulated with Orchid Milk and Honey, this smoothing cream has a fluid, pleasantly velvety texture, designed to create smooth, silky, impeccable styles. Guarantees light, flexible hold, defines style and protects from thermal stress. Disciplines, hydrates and controls frizz, keeping hair more manageable, bright and soft to the touch. Nourishes the fiber of the hair without weighing it down. Ideal for styling at high temperatures. All Nook products are cruelty free.

Enriched with:

  • + UV filter.



Colourful, Fun and Genuine: Artisan was made-to-measure for the more demanding and inspired professional, the Artisan of Beauty. A tribute to expression through handicraft work, to originality and creative energy. The collection highlights an extremely versatile use. Artisan was designed for professionals who use it creatively, and for clients who wish to style their favourite look at home. The gourmand and exclusive fragrances, all allergen-free, make each and every product unmistakably unique, and a joy to use.